Protean ApS

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We specialize in reducing cost and increasing efficiency of information management through the rapid and efficient digitizing of legacy documentation. 
Using our experience with lean Six Sigma and our knowledge of information management processes and procedures we work to transform both the organisation and the content for maximum efficiency.

Our services include:

- Rapid scanning of paper copy documentation. Our ultra-efficient scanners are able to scan over 100,000 sheets, regardless of size and type, per day allowing us to rapidly digitize your documents.

- Fast and accurate OCR conversion of image files (pdf, jpg, bmp, etc.). Scaled to match the speed of the scanners over the life of the project our OCR conversion systems can convert all image files to full text search pdf’s or, in most cases, native formats such as Word or Excel.

- Accurate extraction of key data and business intelligence. Using state-of-the-art data extraction systems, we can deliver cross references and database tables to enhance the value of your information management systems and help make your data work for you.

- Laser scanning services. If requested we can deliver highly detailed laser scan point clouds of your installations that, when combined with the data extracted from your documentation, will give a detailed visualization of your installation.

- Information Management Consultancy. With your data upgraded we can help your organisation make the required changes to your processes and procedures to account for the changes made to the documentation. 

These services are independent and we will work with you to help identify what your company require to improve your information management processes and procedures helping increase efficiency and reduce costs. 

Our solutions are suited for any company struggling with large amounts of hard copy documentation accounting for ever increasing storage fees, or with reduced productivity due to time consuming information searches. If your business are interested in adapting more modern information management systems to increase productivity and efficiency but are facing the difficult task of converting old documentation, we offer the solution. Our efficient and fast processes will solve your problems at a reasonably price compared to the alternatives.

Our experience with practical information management and with many of the largest, most modern information management systems, allows us to offer consultancy and advice with how best to take advantage of your new digital information. We can help develop and implement new processes, procedures and systems for information management after the digitizing process is complete. By reducing the need for manual labor as much as possible we are able to both reduce time and cost associated with the digitizing process. We offer analysis of your digitized data to visualize the status of your newly converted information and help to identify bad or missing information including non-compliance with regulations.