Making Information Digital

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PROTEAN Making Information Digital

We deliver services and consultancy aimed at helping you digitize your data and improve your efficiency.

Our extensive experience in information management and digitalization will help your business take the necessary steps on the path to a digital transformation.





Why Us?

We are digitalization specialist focused on helping you convert existing documents and data into digital information. Some of the benefits of such a transformation includes:

Annual hours average employee spend searching for information.

Average cost of recreating a lost document in EUR.

Average hours a document spends in formal review.

Average number of misplaced documents out of 10,000

Potential in a digital world

Opportunities for improvement through digitalization.




Making Information Digital

Through ultra high speed scanning, high quality OCR conversion and efficient data extraction, we can rapidly and efficiently digitize your installation. With the addition of laser scanning and 3D modelling a digital transformation can begin.

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Best in Breed systems

We use only the best available systems to convert your data to increase quality and speed of the transformation. Combined with our detailed experience with both the processes and systems ensures top quality project deliveries.


Quality in Focus

through efficient risk management

We employ top quality risk mitigation and management systems to ensure we can deliver our projects with the highest quality. We continuously strive to improve our processes even throughout projects, and constantly review our results to ensure they match or exceed expectations.


Integrated Data

our systems are integrated

Through integration and referencing we ensure your data is constantly verified both against previous versions but also against your requirements and needs. We focus on developing the systems in accordance with both your and authority requirements.


Custom Projects

all projects are unique

Though we base our projects on templates as a starting point, we develop each project from this baseline to match your company's unique requirements. No businesses are the same and thus no document and information are the same and each project needs to be developed independently.


Constant Support

we offer followup support

We realise that the project doesn't necesarily end at handover as issues may appear later that were not anticipated during the project. To ensure your data is always up to date, and in an effort to solve any such problems, we offer followup support after project end.