Are your staff spending a large amount of time searching for relevant information? Are you experiencing rising costs and decreases in productivity across the organisation without a clear reason? Can you quickly and consistently document compliance upon request? Is Information Management consistent throughout your organization?


Mann mit Burnout Stress am Schreibtisch

We deliver consultancy and services aimed to help businesses make a transition towards improving their digital information management systems, processes and procedures as an overall goal of achieving a Digital Transformation. With focus on customers working on operated assets, whether they be Operator, Designer/Engineer or supplier, we offer services aimed at improving productivity and reducing costs through digitizing existing documentation and data.

Our combination of skills and experience within Information Management together with partnerships with “best-in-class” system suppliers for all tracks puts us in a unique situation where we can deliver a complete digitization package.

Learn how Protean can help set your company on the path to implementing a digital future through establishing a strong digital foundation.

Why Us?

Our experience with practical information management and knowledge of the potential in the market for delivering, and using, digital data to improve businesses processes gives us one distinct advantage over our competition. Furthermore, we employ state of the art systems for ultra efficient document scanning, top level OCR and ICR conversion, and digital data extraction tools for both structured and unstructured information. By reducing the need for manual labor as much as possible we are able to both reduce time and cost associated with the digitizing process.

Digital Business Transformation als Konzept

Our knowledge of the industry, processes and procedures allows us to help guide businesses through the difficult process of digitalization. We can cover both the practical aspects of digitizing of existing information and documents as well as the consultancy and expert help to handle the changes that come with the digitization process.

With a focus on speed and quality and the use of state-of-the-art systems gives us a distinct advantage over the competitors who far too often have far reaching reasons for not wanting a whole scale transformation.