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Making Information Digital

Reduce complexity

Dirigens can help reduce the complexity and improve efficiency by breaking down large procedures and manuals to easily manage tasks

Task and Checklists

Breaking down manuals into integrated tasks and checklists allows Dirigens to provide guidance and control of work.

Always up-to-date

Dirigens provides the user with up-to-date and relevant information directly in their handheld device.

Helps preparation

Dirigens provides ready and managed access to always current documentation and information reducing time spent preparing for work.

Information in hand

Dirigens brings this information into the hands of the operators allowing them to operate without the need for constant interaction with the Control Room, enabling more efficient execution of work, and increased hands-on-tool time.

Reduce downtime

Through intelligent integration with expert systems Dirigens ensures permits are available before work can begin, helping organize work and reduce downtime.

Digital checklist

Dirigens provides digital checklists and control allowing for interaction between workers without the need for physical contact and provides instant digital records broken down to task level.

Staff competencies

Dirigens provides controlled records of work performed allowing for continual update and verification of worker skills and experience.

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Protean Dirigens


Protean’s Field Operations Management System – Dirigens is a state-of-the-art system designed to bring information into the hands of field operatives and technicians. By breaking down complex manuals and procedures into individual tasks with associated information, Dirigens provides the end user with information and guidance in performing tasks.
Based on aviation industry best practice Dirigens provides system guidance and live access to related information for the task at hand, reducing the amount of unproductive time spent searching for information.

Digital Foundation

Through fast and efficient digitization of data, documents and your physical asset Protean can deliver the digital foundation where all existing documents and data are digitized through state-of-the-art processes:

  • Ultra-high-speed document scanning – Rapidly digitizing legacy documents to digital format.
  • OCR Conversion – Effectively converting all digital image files to full text format.
  • Data Extraction – Delivering database registers of cross referenced data and information extracted from your digital documents.
Protean make the Digital foundation

Digital Consultants

Our expert consultants can help you with every aspect of the digitizing and help guide your business through the often-difficult process of making a digital transformation.

Our experienced project managers and consultants have strong knowledge and experience in information management and IT for large corporations and understand first hand the challenges they encounter.

Certified in both agile and traditional project management methodologies we can help provide you with the knowledge and experience to safely make a digital transformation.

About Us

A company delivering innovative and practical solutions within digitization and digital transformation. Our experience and knowledge allow us to help your company make the transition to a digital future. We handle both the practical aspects of transforming your existing information and documentation and deliver innovative solutions to improve efficiency.

The Field Operations Management System – Dirigens provides technicians with a tablet-based solution to complex manuals and procedures, putting digital information at their fingertips.

  • Dirigens

    State-of-the-art knowledge and information system providing unparalleled access to information for field operatives and technicians.

  • Consultancy

    Expert consultants can help you with all aspects of digital transformation and digitization.

  • Scanning

    High speed and high capacity scanners can quickly convert large numbers of paper documents to digital format.

  • OCR & Data Extraction

    Using market leading software, we can convert digital images to full text, including data extraction of key information.

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