Old Assets – Old Documentation –​> New Solution!

An offshore platform at sunset

With the low oil prices experienced in today’s market comes an increasing focus on older installations and assets. As installations get older the costs of operating and maintaining them increases, but with high oil prices they always remained profitable. As prices fall naturally this profitability decreases and suddenly, what has always been considered trusty profit generating assets, come into focus for other reasons including:

  • Reducing costs through improved efficiency in operations.
  • Decommissioning.
  • Sale.

In all of the above documentation and information plays a vital role, and changes in how these are managed and used can have a large positive impact on costs and revenue. In each case the documentation needed is often the same age as the installation itself, adding time and effort to any action needing information from them.

Computer NetworkWith digital information extracted from documents it is possible to monitor, analyse and take action on this information in an effort to increase efficiency. Merely working through the process of digitalization will allow your company to uncover sources of inconsistency within your documentation, greatly enhancing trust in the information provided. Through establishing cross references between data, documents and information it is possible to integrate various intelligent and specialist systems into an integrated information network, greatly enhancing overall capability. The addition of an information portal allows employees to effortlessly search across all integrated systems thus improving efficiency.

Old Problems

So, why are so many assets still operated with old documentation and information? Why is it so difficult to make the switch to the digital age? A key factor here is the perceived effort and cost related to the digitalization of an asset. Using common office machines, averaging 10-20 pages a minute at 200dpi resolution, simply scanning the contents of a standard 350 sheet ringbinder could take anything from 30 to 60 minutes – and it is therefore not surprising that companies consider the job insurmountable. That would only convert the paper documents to digital image files with the need for OCR conversion and data scraping to follow.

Protean provides the new solution

Data conversion.jpg

With our state of the art scanners and computer systems we offer the complete digitalization package:

  • Ultra-high speed document scanning – Our scanners are capable of scanning 300 sheets of paper per minute ranging in size from B5 to A3 at 300dpi resolution. Employing two camera systems to capture both sides of a sheet at the same time, and dual 1000-page document feeders, our scanners can capture up to 250,000 pages per eight-hour work day.
  • High quality OCR conversion – We use high powered computer systems running the best available OCR (Ocular Character Recognition) conversion software. Capable of converting a large number of documents simultaneously and running 24 hours per day the OCR system can keep pace with the scanners over the course of a project. Including ICR (Intelligent Character Recognition) capable of reading hand writing our systems can convert a large number of image data to full text.
  • Data Extraction (Scraping) – Using state of the art data extraction systems we can extract a large amount of intelligent data from documents. Able to read a large number of digital file formats and extract valuable data our systems can help deliver the valuable digital information that is needed today.

In all we offer a cost efficient and fast option for digitizing your data, allowing your company to make the digital transition and start making your documents and data work for you.

Business woman designs a new databaseNot only can we help make the digital transformation of your documentation, our experienced staff and consultants have years of experience with information management and the optimization of information management using digital data. We can help make the changes and transitions needed with processes, procedures as well as systems to allow you to take full advantage of this new digital data. In addition, we can also help with consultancy and advice during the process of acquiring and implementing new systems.

So, at the end of the process what was once a paper asset is now fully digital and it is now possible to implement cost saving systems and processes. In addition, there is now a digital backup of all the documentation after the scanning and all the files are full text searchable after the OCR conversion. After data extraction it is now possible to act on and analyse a large variety of data and easily explore all documents and information available and through that cross referencing help build trust in the documentation.


With data extracted and proper reference tables built it is possible to integrate various specialist systems ensuring data is managed by systems most suited to the task and help maintain master data. With a 3D model it is possible to fully visualize the installation allowing valuable engineering data and documents to be searched for and accessed through a 3D model.

Our systems and processes operate independently and our solution can be tailored to your company’s needs. Perhaps you require data scraping in an effort to draw valuable data out of your documents and help build data registers? Or maybe you need to convert a large number of older image files to full text to make searching for documents and data easier and open for the opportunity to do a data extraction? Or maybe you have recently acquired an older asset and would prefer scanning the documents rather than transferring a large amount of paper to your site?

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