Who Are We?

A Danish Company Run By Norwegians


Protean ApS is a limited liability company established and headquartered in Copenhagen, Denmark. Protean was founded to deliver services and consultancy within digitizing of documentation and modernization of processes and procedures, for companies wishing to make the move to more modern information management systems.

What we do:

  1. Consultancy
  2. Document Scanning
  3. OCR Conversion
  4. Data Extraction
  5. Laser Scanning


Our goal is to convert our customer’s information from full hard copy documentation to digital and cross-referenced database structures quickly and affordably – lowering the bar for adoption of modern information management tools.

Any digital advances made within this industry has to account for past decisions and mistakes. With the time it takes to design and build new installations, our foreseable future is based on the operations and maintenance of existing installations. It is therefore safe to say that the future of the oil and gas industry lays in it’s past.

Our Experience

Our practical experience within information management is our greatest asset. With a background in design, implementation and management of information systems – we know your documents and data.

Our Knowledge

Our expert knowledge of standards and requirements within information management ensures that we can always offer the best possible advice for your information management needs.

Our Focus On Quality

Our experience and knowledge combined with our sophisticated systems and processes, enables us to put the quality of your information in focus.

Our Drive For Efficiency

Our highly efficient solutions enable us to deliver conversion projects on time and on budget. Our focus on integration of state of the art technology ensures our projects are executed with speed and efficiency.