Project Information Costs

The Price Of Bad Information On large capital projects with thousands of man-years of work in everything from design and engineering to construction and commissioning, information plays a vital part. It is a known fact that a large amount of time is spent searching for information and on large projects these numbers can become significant,… Read More

Data Extraction

Protean – Delivering Data extraction / Document scraping as a service A common problem faced with operators today as they start the transition to digital information management system, is a mismatch between the system’s requirements and deliverables from contractors and suppliers. One thing is the format of the documents, which may not be optimal, but… Read More

Transforming your data

In a recent white paper, Digital Transformation Initiative – Oil and Gas Industry, the World Economic Forum in collaboration with Accenture, takes a closer look at Digital Transformation in the Oil and Gas Industry. A part of a broader Digital Transformation Initiative that seeks to look closely at all major world industries and the potential impact… Read More

Solution to old documents

Old Assets – Old Documentation –​> New Solution! With the low oil prices experienced in today’s market comes an increasing focus on older installations and assets. As installations get older the costs of operating and maintaining them increases, but with high oil prices they always remained profitable. As prices fall naturally this profitability decreases and… Read More

Delivering digitized information for the modern business

Delivering digitized information for the modern business Do you have a wish to start or continue a digital transformation process? Have you got an archive of physical files that you regularly access? Do you wish that all of your non-searchable images and PDF-files were searchable? Have you got a set of requirements that includes the… Read More