The Problem being non-digital in a digital world

In today’s market time is a costly commodity that is often mismanaged even when made a focus of projects. This problem becomes particularly apparent during major projects, both green- and brownfield, when over time, lack of control often pushes projects to be rushed to completion.


Lack of access to relevant data and information coupled with a lack of trust in what can be found has a profound impact and is a prime contributor to this lack of control over time. In brownfield projects, where existing documentation and past decisions must be accounted for these problems rapidly multiply.

Often overlooked this lack of control over information in modern projects stems from a missing focus on digital data and a tendency to attribute these problems to engineering and design processes rather than underlying information management processes.

Protean’s Solution – The Digital Foundation

Through fast and efficient digitization of data, documents and your physical asset Protean can deliver the digital foundation where all existing documents and data are digitized through state-of-the-art processes:

  • Digital Consultants – Help and guidance in developing new and improved processes and procedures to effectively work with new, digital data and information.
  • Ultra-high-speed document scanning – Rapidly digitizing legacy documents to digital format.
  • OCR Conversion – Effectively converting all digital image files to full text format.
  • Data Extraction – Delivering database registers of cross referenced data and information extracted from your digital documents.
  • Laser Scanning – Developing high detail point cloud models of your physical assets.

Industry 4.0 concept image.With the completion of these processes we now have an accurate digital representation of the plant with references established identifying all installed and operating equipment on the plant and, in many cases, a complete digitized history of the plant. The Digital Foundation represents the current and historical status of the physical plant and contains all reference data and information necessary to identify equipment in both the physical and digital world.

Benefits of a Digital Foundation

Establishing a digital foundation immediately improves a worker’s ability to locate and verify information. With master documents established during the process and all key information cross-referenced and extracted into database registers, finding information is easier. Furthermore, once found the information is easier to trust, removing the need for independent verification. All of this provides immediate reduction in costs and improvements in productivity.

Industry 4.0 concept