Making Your Data Digital

With cross references of data to documents and other valuable information it is now possible to build drill down searches, making it possible to search for information by association and data searches rather than the need to know the document number itself.

Master Identification

Technically a part of the data extraction process our systems offer a simple and easy to use interface for identifying master documentation in the case where two or more versions of the same document exists.

To build trust in the documentation and ensure the data extracted are the correct and current values it is vital that this process be completed whereby we review each duplicate document to identify the current master. This process ensures the information extracted, and which we build our registers, is the latest and accurate information and avoid including inactive information.

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Data Extraction

With all files either native format or full OCR we are now able to complete the digitizing process through the extraction of valuable data. Also known as document scraping we use state of the art systems that, using pattern recognition, are able to extract a large amount of valuable data from your documents and present them in tables and databases.

While there is technically no limit to the type of data that can be extracted from your documents a good place to start is with tags and tag related data, or your variant of equipment identifiers. Based on patterns built from your requirement documentation, such as an Engineering Numbering System, we are capable of extracting all tags and create cross reference tables linking documents and tags.

With the addition of hot spot data pointing to the exact location of the tag and data in the relevant document it makes finding information incredible simple after the process is complete.

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Why digitize?

Simply scanning paper documents does little to solve the above problems. To truly digitize there is a need to extract valuable information from the documents and files and present them in table and database format. And to do that it is necessary to have full text searchable variants of these files. Not only do these processes specialist computer systems that are costly to acquire on their own they most often require specialist knowledge to be set up that neither the Owner or the Software supplier possess. Compounding the problem and often cementing the decision not to perform this digitizing process is the belief that these systems add little value to the Company after the project is complete.

Without the expertise to implement and operate them, or the long term need to use them, coupled with the lack of appreciation for the long term consequences of this decision makes the decision not to move forward seem simple.