Digitize Your Paper Documents

A common problem in modern business is the time spent searching for information. In the technological age, particularly in organization lacking a clear digital strategy, a lot of productivity is lost searching for relevant information. Needing to search through a myriad of systems and formats for relevant information the average knowledge worker spends as much as 20% of their time trying to find the information they need to do their job.

Ultra-High Speed Document Scanning

If your company still has paper documentation, we offer services for rapid and efficient digitizing through scanning. Our scanners are capable of processing a total of 300 sheets of paper per minute at document sizes ranging from B5 to A3 and at 300 dpi resolution. Fitted with dual camera systems simultaneously capturing both sides of the document, and using dual 1000-sheet hoppers, each machine is capable of scanning up to 250,000 pages per eight-hour work day.The scanner itself is operated by a single operator capable of loading and unloading data and a quality control specialist verifying the scanned data before release – the quality control specialist also acts as the team leader for the the scanning team. A third technician can help preparing load stacks when large amounts of documents need to be managed.

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The high capacity scanners have no page limit and could if required operate 24/7. Integrated with advanced processing software the scanner software automatically removes blank pages from the files during post-processing. The system is also capable of automatically separating scanned documents into separate files during the process by the addition of special separator pages during the preparation stage. With the document designed to look for these separators before finishing a file there is no limit to the amount of pages that can be scanned for a single document.

Why scan?

One of the major stumbling blocks blocking the path to digitalization is the actual process of digitizing existing documents and data. Far too often this is perceived as an insurmountable task due to the sheer amount of documentation requiring digitizing.

With paper documents the process is often described in reference to known technology so company’s often make decisions regarding scanning of paper documents based on the capabilities of the in-house document scanners. While perfectly adequate for regular day-to-day office use these combination office machines are incapable of carrying out work of this magnitude. On average a machines like that could scan around half the content of a standard document archive, or around 5000 sheets of paper, per day at standard resolution of 200dpi. To be able to deliver the resolution needed for accurate digitizing processes, 300+dpi, would most often slow down the process.