Help Visualize Your Data!

A laser scan of your equipment, installation or location can add immense value to your data and information systems. If a 3D model already exists, the laser scan will add great value by increasing the accuracy of the model to within a millimeter’s accuracy. Where there is no 3D model one can be generated from the point cloud and with the proper identification of equipment in the laser scan it is now possible to cross reference documents and other data to the model, visualizing your plant through the model.

Laser Scanning

Employing our state of the art scanning system we can quickly generate the point cloud data needed for visualization. Our experts travel to your site and execute the scanning project, working around your staff and processes to ensure as little disruption as possible. Working with an overview of your installed equipment our specialists will tag your equipment in the point cloud to allow it to be accurately identified during later processes.

Leica_ScanStation_P30_P40_pic_800x428_newAfter processing the point cloud data will represent a detailed, 3-dimensional view of your installation along with a high definition image of each scan location. Together the images and point cloud presents a 3D view of your installation.

With the point-cloud data available our technicians can generate a detailed 3D model of your installation where none existed before. It will not be a design model with the data such a model contains but can be used to build up data going forward. The 3D model can be referenced to your newly digitized data to allow engineers and technicians a new method of searching for information through a visual interface.

Why Visualize?

With your documents scanned and image files converted to full text. With your data identified and extracted and your databases set up and data cross referenced, it now makes perfect sense to add a visual element.

Gas compressor

With laser scanning you greatly improve the quality of your data. Through laser scanning a detailed point cloud is generated that not only helps accurately locate equipment in reference to a grid data but adds an internal reference as well. With knowledge of equipment location in relation to each other and their physical location the ability to search and locate data is greatly enhanced. One benefit is the ability to accurately assess the location of equipment to within a couple of millimeters, greatly reducing the need for travel to verify measurements during engineering.